DEI Bridge Plan

Kalamazoo College DEI Bridge Plan 2020-22

The DEI bridge plan was created to enable the College to continue making forward progress on a number of DEI initiatives while laying the foundational work for more intensive, campus-wide strategic planning with multiple campus stakeholders. This is a living document that outlines the current goals and strategies of the institution as it seeks to:

  1. Provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  2. Recruit and retain a diverse community of students.
  3. Recruit, retain and advance a diverse community of faculty and staff.
  4. Provide opportunities to develop the intercultural competence of students, faculty and staff through curriculum, co-curricular programs and professional development.
  5. Demonstrate K’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through College communications.
  6. Support K’s DEI efforts with strategic resourcing.

Kalamazoo College DEI Bridge Plan (KNET login required)

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